Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Monomaster Waste Line Disposal Tool

This gadget is great for storing those annoying bits of waste line which can accumulate during a fishing trip. It is also ideal for those unfortunate moments when one stumbles across lengths of mono left discarded on the bank side by the idiot minority in our sport.

The Monomaster is a simple, easy to use design and works as follows:

Waste line is offered up to the slot in the body while the protruding spindle is rotated. As it turns the line is caught on tiny hooks on the surface of an internal rotating barrel. The line is drawn through the slot and wraps around the barrel.

To dispose of the line, the end cap comes off and the internal barrel is removed. The line can then be snipped from the barrel with scissors. The resulting offcuts are approximately 2-3 centimetres long. These can be disposed of, ideally by burning.

The Monomaster is a great little gadget which makes the annoying, but important, task of bank side line disposal much easier. At just over 10cm (4") long it can be kept handy in a pocket or clipped to a vest for use as and when required.

I have two - one with my coarse kit and one in my fly bag, and reckon they are a great weapon in the War on Litter. They are available at various outlets. I got mine from the Furled Leaders website (£5.50 each).

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