Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cane is Able

Under normal circumstances I eschew fishing during the close season but after the glorious weather we've had, coupled with Mrs Retiarius having organised a house move on the opening day of the fly season next week, I couldn't resist going a-tenching this morning.

When I arrived at the old brick pit next to Big River everything was a bit gloomy, but the intense sunlight soon dispersed the mist and by the time I'd put up the rod all was sweetness and light. There was a magnificent dawn chorus too, led by the newly arrived chiff chaffs.

Today was strictly traditional; Wizard, Speedia and the lift method.  After a couple of small bream this tench (4lb 13oz) took the single red maggot and put up dogged resistance on the light tackle: glorious.

1 comment:

George Burton said...

A lovely fish (Mr) Retiarius and foiled by an admirable approach

'On my seeking list for this year having not seen one for a long, long time...probably 20 years in fact! The original 'bar of soap' fish, impossible to get hold of and beautiful with it...much like the Lady Burton