Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sunny Delight

A lovely Churn Pool from which I took two fish, one from the head and one from the tail.

Friends often comment at how accommodating Mrs R is of my angling compulsion, and I would like to state for the record how much I appreciate her kind indulgence. This morning (a Bank Holiday) she waved me off happily having ensured that I'd got the packed lunch that she had prepared while still I snored abed. She was looking forward to a day's sunbathing in the garden and wanted nothing more than for me not to be there. I suspect the reason I had the river to myself is that other angler's wives, husbands, families etc. are more interested in  barbecues, outings and suchlike on days like today. Whatever the reason, as stated, I had the place to myself and it was a good day indeed.

Whilst the weather was glorious, it's not the best kind for fly fishing. Experts warn against high expectations in such conditions and some wiser anglers must have decided that a beer or six in the garden offered a more likely route to fulfilment. The Churn trout, however, had not read the script, and were highly cooperative on a day when one might reasonably have expected otherwise.

I am ashamed to say that I have allowed the contents of my fly box to dwindle. Peering inside upon arrival at the bank-side I found that the nearest thing to the large duns coming off the surface was that old standby the Grey Duster of which I had half a dozen in size fourteen.

 The Grey Duster - it can be almost anything you want it to be...

The Grey Duster is probably my favourite fly. I often use it when I'm not sure what else to tie on and it has often got me a fish or two under such circumstances. I also like it because it's quite easy to tie, another reason why I always have a few in my box. Mine usually have tails but I always tie a few without; sometimes they'll take only tailed or tail-less offerings exclusively.

This little beauty went back to fight another day

The fish pictured fell in a decidedly Skuesian manner. it was rising steadily, and noisily, in a deep pool under a willow. It did not seem to be taking anything off the top, but was head-and-tailing as it fed just below the surface, rising from a position about a yard deep. I put the fly over it three or four times before it became waterlogged and sank right over the trout. The fish immediately, and assertively, took the sunken fly.

A bewildering array of patterns - not always required

During the course of a very enjoyable day I took and returned the limit allowed by the club (eight fish). All of them them fell to the size 14 Grey Duster - I used just two all day. Sometimes necessity dictates a course of action one would have followed given a choice, and sometimes a bewildering array of patterns can be just that. on the other hand, as any fule kno, on some days they'll take just about anything...

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